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INTEGRATED PEST MANAGEMENT (IPM) promotes minimized pesticide use, enhanced environmental stewardship, and sustainable systems. This is achieved by protection of commodities with environmentally and economically sound practices and results in abundant and diverse supplies of food and fiber products This site describes public Integrated Pest Management programs in the Southern Region, USA.

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The Cotton Pickin' Web 


Southern Pine Beetle On the Web!




IPM Labeling - A Report by Jim VanKirk, Northeast Region IPM and Lyn Garling, Penn State University IPM Program 



National Ag Safety Database 

The NASD World-Wide-Web site, sponsored by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, contains a complete listing of what appears on the National Ag Safety Disc. 


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We welcome the opportunity to upload IPM extension material from the southern regional states. If you have something of interest, or desire assistance in establishing an IPM related WWW site, please drop us a line.


About the National IPM Network

The National IPM Network is a WWW system to provide the most accurate urban and agricultural IPM information. Participating institutions have agreed to a set of standards which ensure science-based, unbiased pest managment information.

The backbone of the National IPM Network consists of web servers for each of the USDA defined regions (Southern, Northeastern, North Central, and Western) in the US. Within each region, participating institutions are providing state-specific or subject-specific information.

The network is supported by a partnership of University, Extension, Industry and Government. We welcome and encourage the participation of any interested institution. 

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