National Integrated Pest Management Network
North Carolina Component

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THIS SERVER IS UNDERGOING MAJOR CHANGES. It will now contain only valid information for growers and home and garden clients. All of the demonstrations and experimental work can now be found at Cyber's Edge, a test site for the Center for IPM.

Table of Contents

North Carolina Participating Institutions

Information about the National IPM Network

The National IPM Network is a University/Extension/Government/Industry supported WWW system to provide the most accurate urban and agricultural IPM information. The backbone of the NIPM Network is four Web Servers located at host institutions serving each of the USDA defined regions (Southern, Northeastern, North Central, and Western) in the US. Within each region, participating institutions are providing state-specific or subject-specific information. The information on this Web Server deals primarily with pest management in North Carolina.

We welcome the participation of any individual, organization, institution, or company. Please contact us if you are interested in helping to develop this innovative and comprehensive pest management information system, or seeing how you can integrate the NIPMN system into your software products.

For further information contact: Ron Stinner, or email